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As a Cadet - 


Cadet membership is open to young people, both male and female, aged between 12 and 18 if they accept the challenge.


Cadets of all nationalities, backgrounds and abilities are equally welcome.


Disabled cadets are also welcome provided their handicap doesn't prevent them from taking part in a reasonable number of activities or is likely to put themselves or others in danger.


Not all cadets join because they want a career with the Royal Air Force or Aerospace Industry - we are not a recruiting organization for the services - there are many reasons for joining!


You will be expected to take part in as many of the activities as possible - most cadets don't need much persuading to do this!! 'The more you put into the Air Cadets, the more you get back out - there is always something extra to do or go for.'


Just come along and see if you like it - there is no obligation to join! We will be able to discuss what we do, show you a video of Air Cadet activities and answer any queries you or your parents/guardians may have.


Don't be shy about that first step - it may well be the best thing you have ever done!


*Research shows children who have been cadets:


* Source: Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street, Department for Education and MOD









As an Adult - 


There are a number of uniformed and non-uniformed roles for adults within the Air Cadet Organization. As an adult you can join as a Civilian Instructor and even become a uniformed officer. You do not need to be ex-services to have the skill to make a difference.


In addition to the staff working directly with the cadets there are also opportunities for those who wish to help in a support role. The Civilian Committee takes responsibility for the overall management / direction of the squadron fundraising etc. Many parents and friends get a great deal of enjoyment, satisfaction and fun from working in this important area.


Everyone shares the same commitment to give up their free time to help young people. They enjoy getting involved with something structured and exciting, seeing cadets progress and develop. It is also extremely good fun because you get to take part in many of the activities yourself. It gives a responsibility and challenge that is different from usual day to day work. Whatever the motivation there are few better, more exciting, rewarding or satisfying ways of spending your time!