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 Flying is most sought after by cadets and any opportunity that they have to take to the skies is grasped with both hands.




Powered Flying - Grob Tutor, RAF aircraft and helicopters, microlights and paragliders.



Gliding - after a period under review, gliding is now coming back online! 


The main flying opportunities offered to cadets is in the air cadet training aircraft, the Grob Tutor.

Some cadets may have the chance to fly on a civil airliner or go on an overseas flight in an RAF transport.  A few cadets have also had the opportunity to fly in a variety of other aircraft including fast jets and with the Red Arrows.

Once in the air, cadets are shown how the aircraft flies and given the chance to control the aeroplane, experience aerobatics or simply admire the view. 

There are also exciting opportunities for cadets to learn how to fly, with scholarships for both powered flight and gliding.